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Netsurge offers Customized and Innovative Web Development Services.

We humans have been blessed with an inbuilt responsive and adaptive feature to the changes happening around in this modern world. Convenience is the trend in this dynamic and modern era, where people prefer everything and anything at their convenience. 

Therefore, having a business’s website is as important as oxygen is to humans. A website is a representative of a business, presenting everything a company has to offer to its audience so that the customers can avail of all the products and services at their convenience. In this competitive world where thousands of options and substitutes are already available for a consumer. A business’s online presence has to be equally strong to create an impact on the consumer’s mind. In today’s era, people are highly attracted and responsive to creative and feature-rich websites. To stand out from the competitors and engage more customers, arises a need for businesses to use optimized and customized websites. 

Web development services are important, because they establish your business’s online presence, increase the rate of conversion, helps your business rank at the top through SEO-friendly codes, creates brand awareness, and brand identity, help you sustain the long team and growth of your business. 

NETSURGE, with its excellent web development services, can completely turn your present sites into more alluring ones. Be it any platform, ranging from WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, or Magento, Netsurge Technologies is fully equipped to create a flawless, best-in-market website for businesses. Our web development and services are business oriented and aim to create delightful customized websites for businesses worldwide.

We have the best web development services in the market. Our experts focus on responsiveness and usability, providing branding solutions that add characteristics and personality to your websites.

Looking for a Website Development Company for your New Venture?


  • Client-focused website solutions. 
  • Front-end and Back-end web developers. 
  • Excellent customer service. 
  • Experts with 5-10 years of industry experience. 
  • Quicker and more transparent work.
  • Clean Coding.
  • Agile web development methodology.

Web Development Services by NETSURGE

We are capable of creating user-friendly and user-centric websites. We use WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, or Magento to create websites as our Content Management System (CMS). WordPress being the fastest and most convenient of all has multiple plug-ins available that are easy to use. We create innovative and responsive websites that help in achieving their business goals. Our experts start by researching and understanding the clients’ businesses, this helps them analyze which platform is ideal for their business to generate more leads. At Netsurge, we have skillful developers who create websites and know all the technicalities of the back end and front end. 

Our experts with years of industry experience help you grow your business by developing a user-centric website increasing engagement and conversions. Netsurge’s Web Application Development Services help you to create, develop and improve web-based software. We develop online apps and web portals that are effective, efficient, and simple to use. With our expertise, you can significantly raise your potential audience, introduce new digital channels and scale your business. 

Our experts will make sure to work on all the customization and details specified by our clients with our utmost dedication.

Netsurge helps you with Web Application Development Services as follows

  • In designing your web development projects.
  • In Web Application Development.
  • To help you create UX and UI designs to design a user-friendly interface for your online application.
  • Evolution and Advancements: We continuously enhance and upgrade your web app, developing extra features that are relevant to your business goals and customer expectations.

Interesting Facts about Web Development Services

  • 16% of the users read a text word to word. 
  • Almost two-thirds of the users browse the internet on smartphones.
  • 73% of the users are majorly influenced by videos and images. 
  • It takes 0.9 seconds for a user to form an opinion. 
  • 44% of the visitors will leave the website if the contact information is not provided. 
  • 47% of the people expect the website to load within 2 seconds or even less. 
  • There can be an increase in the rate of conversions if the load speed is 2 seconds or less.

Types of Web Development Services We Offer

eCommerce Web Development Services

It has been estimated that there are 12 million to 24 million active eCommerce sites thus making it difficult for an online store to stand out. 

We at Netsurge provide you with the best eCommerce Web Development Services in the town whether it be responsive layouts, SEO expertise, enhancement in site speed, customer management system (CMS), product management, payments and checkouts, security, integration and provide you with the best marketing strategy. Our experts make sure to give out the best user experience by developing a user-friendly website, as customer experience is the most important factor for any business. To survive and sustain in the dynamic and competitive environment, user-centric and friendly websites are important. 
Netsurge makes sure to provide your business with the best and most visible results. We believe in transparency and providing the best to our clients. Our experts understand and analyze your business goals and work hard in achieving them.

WordPress Web Development Services

WordPress is the fastest, most secure, and a powerful platform for website development available with multiple plug-ins that are pre-equipped. When it comes to Content Management systems (CMS) WordPress is leading the list. WordPress being the most cost-effective and budget-friendly can help you build your website at a minimal investment rate. It can be even helpful if you are starting a new venture with limited financial resources. Well, if we estimate the cost of building a WordPress website then, a small business website can cost you between $300-$700, a mid-sized business website can cost you between $1000-$3000, and an enterprise website can cost you between $5000-$15000 per year. Netsurge provides you with the best and finest WordPress web development services. Our experts build an SEO-friendly and responsive website using WordPress that helps you rank at the top of the search engine pages. We make sure to have regular updates even after the development of your website to meet changing algorithms.
Netsurge provides you with various benefits such as SEO-friendly websites, responsive designs, mobile-friendly, regular updating, website security, functionality, speed, and convenience.

Magento Web Development Services

Magento specializes in eCommerce websites owned by Adobe which consists of hundreds of innovative and unique features that help a business to engage and connect with its customers and have maximum numbers of conversions. Netsurge provides you with the best Magento web development services that help you upgrade your store to different platforms/extensions. We help you to take your business forward with Magento, with your total control over the business operations, and to gain better insight into online sales activity.

All the steps involved for creating your Magento Website; choosing a customized Magento theme, preparing for installation, installing Magento and the template, configuring your store, adding your products, and wrapping up. We have professional experts who have got your back. You can choose Magento for your website development as it is an open-source, vast community, mobile friendliness, third-party integration tools, SEO friendliness, security, scalability, rich user experience, easy to manage, and numerous extensions. It provides you enhanced content Management System, flexible coupons and pricing rules, real-time shipping and tax calculations, and quick- one-page checkout.

Shopify Development Services

Netsurge is a leading Shopify Development Agency that creates effective websites to boost brands, improve conversion rates, and maximize ROI (rate on investment). We help businesses to achieve their goals. Our Shopify development agency provides customized solutions that suit your budget and needs. By eliminating the necessity for brick-and-mortar stores, Shopify facilitates setting up a business by advertising products online through an online store. Our Shopify custom development services are ideal for boosting your business at any location. Netsurge is a Shopify development agency that transforms your eCommerce store into leading Shopify stores. Our experts will help you grow your business and provide support to run it profitably. We offer end-to-end Shopify website services to enhance businesses. Our expert team handles development, designing, testing, and launch. Our primary focus is to provide custom solutions, so your website gives a good impression in the buyer’s mind. 

Laravel Website Development Services

Laravel is a PHP framework-based application that helps develop new websites and applications. It is one of the latest technologies with the best and most popular PHP framework for website development.

Netsurge provides you with exciting and elegant Laravel Website Development services that help you build a robust website and applications. Our experts have in-depth knowledge of the dynamic yet amazing features of Laravel which in every way help you stand ahead of your competitors and will surely increase the conversion rates. 

You can consider Laravel for your website development as it is an open-source, blade templating engine pre-installed, built-in project environment, testing support, comprehensive support, and security. 
Our experts provide you with easy integration, smooth automation, security, scheduling task configuration and management, and trending on social media. You can trust our experts for Anything and Everything.

Squarespace Website Development Services

Squarespace is one of the most result-focused web development platforms for not only businesses but individuals as well. You name it and Squarespace has it all, be it a personal website, business website, or an online store. You can consider Squarespace for your website development as it is easy to use and customize, requires no back-end maintenance, is search engine friendly, simply presented website analytics, is resourceful and is value for money.Netsurge has a team of astonishing Squarespace experts who will help you with all the bypass complexities of building a user-friendly website. Choosing the most creative and innovative website template, a secure and custom domain name, adding unique content, spreading it to the world, and making necessary updates from time to time, our experts got it all. Our experts focus on your needs and present you with the most attractive, engaging website. We make sure to bring you a highly responsive and design-rich website to cater to your unique needs. 

Be it Laravel, Shopify, or Magento our developers have expertise in every web development platform. We at Netsurge will never let your expectations go down the drain. 



Front-end HTML / CSS Development

Front-end development is responsible for the overall look of a website. It decides how the features would display on various gadgets, in a functional and organized manner. Front-end web developers bring the website to life. We have expertise in programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We use creative design processes to make your website engaging, and use CSS for adding attractive features, and various animations.


Back-end Website Development

The Back-end development plays a very crucial role in the success of a website as it is responsible for the smooth functioning of the website.

If there is a need for custom functionality, data imports, CMS execution, etc, Our backend developers can easily overcome these challenges. We have expertise in programming required at the backend such as PHP, MySQL, Java, etc.

NETSURGE has every tool for your business’s SUCCESS!

Why is Website Development Important?

  • Higher Sales Conversions: With a customized, responsive, and user-friendly website, your rate of conversion could increase up to 74%. People tend to trust and take CTAs (Call To Action) for websites with a smooth user experience.
  • Brand Awareness: Having a customized and creative website can help your business create brand awareness among the audience. A website with its alluring online presence and functionality can help you create your business’s identity. 
  • Bridges Communication Gap: By developing a responsive website for your business and adding all the relevant information and functions required or expected by the audience, you can win over your customer’s loyalty. 
  • Long-Term Performance: By developing a website through a professional web developer or web development agency your website can sustain itself in the long run. Unnecessary resources won’t be consumed resulting in the functioning of your website over time.
  • Establishes Online Presence: In the modern era, people turn to Google before making any purchase from any company therefore your online presence is the need of this era. Through a website, you can establish your online presence by making your availability, vision, mission, and goals clear as well as transparent to your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What are web development services?

Web development services include numerous web-based software to provide a satisfactory experience to web users. It provides professional design, redesign, and support for customer-facing websites to achieve high conversion and adoption results. It helps in creating brand awareness and functioning of the websites 24*7.

How Can I Drive Visitors to My Website?

You can drive visitors to your website with web design and SEO services. Businesses can get these services from website design and development companies. They provide services for website design, development, SEO, paid search, and social media. These services help you to drive more visitors to your websites.

What is the difference between web design and web development?

The main difference between web design and web development is 

  • Web design is primarily concerned with the external appearance of the website whereas web development involves its functionality and operation. 
  • Web developers are construction workers whereas web designers are architects.

         Both have unique skills, but their work complements each other.

Web development or web design, which one is better?

Web development and web design both go hand in hand for any business or individual. Web design focuses on the looks and online presence to drive the audience’s attention whereas development focuses on the smooth and responsive functionality of a website for the audience to dive deeper into it.

How much do eCommerce website development services cost?

eCommerce companies spend an estimated figure of $55,000 to design, develop, and launch an eCommerce website. eCommerce website development services cost depending on various factors. The primary factors are the number of products, pages, and their functionality.

How website development helps a business?

Developing an effective and efficient website is important for any business to survive in the long run and for business growth. Your website needs to be appealing and responsive to your audience for them to dig deeper into your business. The modern era demands appealing and eye-catching websites that provide them with convenient results for their search.

What is eCommerce Website Design & Development?

The difference between Website Design and Development is that eCommerce Website Design creates the layout of the website, generates more conversion and revenue whereas eCommerce Website Development is the process of building and designing an eCommerce website that is easily accessible, and catches eye-balls.

Is WordPress Good for eCommerce?

Yes, WordPress is good for eCommerce businesses. It has various features such as template options, themes, and plugins, and is SEO friendly. It helps in the better functioning of the website. Its usefulness depends upon businesses, for some, it is beneficial, and for some may not.

What are Shopify’s development services?

Shopify’s development services help to create user-friendly websites. Shopify developers build customized websites for eCommerce solutions. It is a well-organized platform for start-ups to run their e-commerce stores. The large eCommerce store also uses these platforms.

Is WordPress better than Shopify?

Shopify is the winner for businesses because it focuses on sales. It is an easy-to-use, full-featured, and automated eCommerce solution, whereas WordPress is better in terms of versatility.

Is Shopify a CMS?

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that provides product management, a variety of collections, tags, etc. Its primary function is to provide eCommerce solutions, but a content management system (CMS) is a secondary solution. It is a user-friendly platform for managing products.

Difference between Front-end and Back-end web development?

The main difference between Front-end and Back-end development is that Front-end development is responsible for the overall look of a website. It decides how the features would display and bring the website to life whereas Back- end development is responsible for the smooth functioning and success of the website.